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Address: Level 50, 101 Collins Street, VIC 3000, Australia.
Contact: (+61) 02 96985611

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Inspiritive has operated as a registered and accredited training company since 1992 and as a Registered Training Organisation since 2002. They offer a variety of courses that are tailored to meet people’s differing needs, both professionally and personally.



Nationally accredited?


National accreditations

Vocational Graduate Certificate in NLP
Advanced NLP modeling
Process Oriented Coaching
Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
Presenting with Influence
Value Added Selling

Other programs

Introductory Evening
Pathway to Excellence
NLP Masterclass
New Code of NLP Practitioner Conversion Certification
NLP Trainers Training
Personal Evolution and Managing Risk

Online content

Virtual Campus

Face to face training?


Face to face details

Vocational Graduate Certificate in NLP (20 days)- Module: 4 monthly sessions of 5 days each- Intensive: 3 sessions of 6-7 days each, 2 days apart

Access to mentors

During seminars

Support during program

Coaching Adviser


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