Maintaining connection with your community after you become a life coach

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There are many benefits to remaining connected with your community after you have become a life coach. It is a fairly consistent experience that one of the reasons you were attracted to your chosen school in the first place was because of the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who also believed in something bigger than themselves. And so it makes sense that you want to remain connected even after you have qualified, doesn’t it? It’s well known that an individual who remains connected with this type of community tends to be... Read More

How important is accreditation when you become a life coach?

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There is certainly a lot to be said for gaining qualifications through an accreditation program when you become a life coach. Not only do you know that your program is nationally recognised, there is also comfort in knowing that your training organisation is required to consistently maintain high standards of quality for all students that enrol in their programs. And as a student it’s important to know that you are going to receive consistency in the way the program is delivered. Not only that. A school that is accredited, and has... Read More

What criteria are you considering to undertake coaching training?

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When you make the decision to undertake coaching training, it’s often for the purpose of taking your life in a new direction. Sure, there are those that want to enhance what they already do and there are those that simply want to take on more personal development, but for the majority of us it’s a decision that we’ve made to take our life in a new direction. And that’s a great thing to finally say yes to you, and to decide that it’s time to invest in yourself and create a life of purpose. You know that you have always been passionate... Read More